Internships are the best way to learn how our basketball program works at Elite Athletes.

You will get an inside look into our daily basketball and athletic development activities, such as youth training with our Elite Academy, pro player workouts and breakfast club sessions.

During the internship you will work closely together with our coaches. You will watch how we work, take notes, assist us, lead groups here and there and get a deeper look in the framework of "the process" through personal communication with us.

All of our activities are open for you to join and watch.

The program can be tailored to your interests and you will be able to learn more about our basketball skill work, athletic development methods and strength program. 

If you want to learn from us through our online platform, check out the website:

How do you become an intern?

You can become an intern by applying for a period throughout the year through e-mail.

We have daily activities throughout the season and off-season, with some more busy camp periods during the school holidays.

To apply, please send an e-mail to with subject line "Internship" and the following information:

  • Introduction: who you are, where you are from, and what attracts you to EA
  • Expectations: what you are looking to learn, which are your core interests
  • Period: which days/weeks you plan to join us, specific activities you wish to join


Internships can be attended at €250 per week.

If you want to join during camps with sleepover, you can join these at the rate of accomodation.


What others are saying?

Here is a review by Francesco Briguglio who spent one month with us during the off-season of 2018. You see him in the picture in the middle.

"One month living 'the process'.

The first thing I’ve noticed on the day I arrived at the facility, was a curious feeling of something ritual, different, while I was walking inside that big mouth opened on a street.

You enter this modern cave filled with iron, leather and wood…sounds almost ancestral, if you don’t know I’m talking about barbells, basketballs and the walls of the facility.

And then I saw it. That big write on the white wall above the basket: TRUST THE PROCESS.

First thought: 'Yeah, cool. Joel Embiid would love it!'. I wasn’t getting it, of course.

But then, it started the process itself.

I had the chance to meet and know the members of the crew; those who founded the E.A. movement; I asked them about how it all started, their personal stories; I’ve been told about the highs and the lows, what E.A. meant and means for them. Because, in my opinion, you always want to know about the past if you want to understand the present.

As soon as I got my shoes off (yeah, OFF) I’ve been showered by Olivier’s warm ups and coordinative drills, his unique way to propose mediation ad a powerful tool for every player and every human being…those are things you just can’t watch and learn…but you rather enjoy in person and taste every moment of them. A new perspective takes shape: from “this has nothing in common with basketball” to 'this is something fucking crucial to develop good basketball related abilities!'

Talking about basketball skills, there you have Joerik: one of the most passionate and dedicated coaches I’ve ever met. He knows how to walk the talk, showing and explaining anything occurs in a basketball game from the basics to the tricks that every players needs to have in his arsenal. Precision, ability to show the most difficult moves breaking them up into effective progressions from the laptop analysis to the court. Always remembering there’s a certain line between 'skills' and 'circus'. And he knows for sure ;)

Finally, as a strength and conditioning coach myself, I’ve been related a lot to Nick (the granpa) and Ilyash (the young bull), the two strength guys, just because players know that if they want to get that “Elite” athlete level, they need to hit the weight room! Both of these two guys really love what they do, and they take full care of every athlete that comes in: from your professional 7 ft. big man to the young gunz from their academy.

Practice, reflections, food for thought, meditation and more practice were my personal daily menu at the facility for a month. I soaked into knowledge, different approach and a wider, integrated vision of basketball, human body development and human being development.

As an intern you will maybe attracted by one of these 3 areas or fields of knowledge more than the other 2, according to what YOU attract. In my specific case, that Olivier’s shit hit me somewhere deep. Or maybe you will be able to explore fully all these areas. It’s on you. But it will be worth it.

Oh. And one thing you do want for sure before walking out from your last day of internship is to really understand the meaning of 'the process'. Because you’ve just been a part of it.


- Francesco Briguglio, Italy


"We have been 9 days with the Elite Athletes. First, with the academy, learning and helping in the trainings and then in the sleepovercamp, having responsabilities as coaches, but also learning. It has been an amazing experience, we have met great coaches and players from all the world. We have been able to talk 24/7 of basketball and see how this amazing project runs, with a lot of coaches that work with the same idea which we are in love: "Trust The Process". We will always be very greatfull for this experience, thank you very much."
- Aleix and David, Barcelona Youth Academy (Spain)